Clostridium Difficile Personal Case Histories

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This page contains the personal case histories of people who are currently ill or have recovered from the disease and submitted their histories using our old web site.  You may post your Case on the Discussion Board.  We hope and recommend that reading these case histories straight from the people who are going through it will expand your awareness and provide you with some questions to ask your doctor when you are treated.  You may also find hope within from the people who have recovered or are successfully off the medicine and asymptomatic (no major symptoms).

As people's conditions change (hopefully through recovery) we will update the web site as soon as we can after receiving their update.  It is very important that you read the case histories if you are suffering from this disease.   By reading them, you may find certain people who have like symptoms and varying degrees of the illness and you could print some of them and show them to your doctor so he or she can see what worked.  Not all doctors are familiar or experienced enough to handle C Diff effectively.  Don't be afraid to get a second opinion. 


Case Histories


  Lori updated 5-26-00 (asymptomatic, after one relapse)

  Tracy updated 2-3-99 (asymptomatic)

  Ruthann updated 1-31-99 (asymptomatic)

  Nina updated 10-22-99

  Jean updated 3-26-99 (relapsed after 50 days of asymptomatic)

  Judy updated 3-28-99 (asymptomatic)

  Carol submitted 2-7-99

  Jennifer updated 8/25/99 (asymptomatic)

  Carolyn submitted 2-17-99

  Michael submitted 2-20-99

  Cat submitted 3-5-99 (asymptomatic)

  Lisa updated 3-26-99 (semi-asymptomatic)

  Erik updated 6-23-99 (asymptomatic)

  Kylie submitted 3-19-99

  Ellen updated 11-30-99 (asymptomatic)

Bobbie submitted 9-1-99

Pat submitted 12-11-01

Betty's Husband submitted 4-30-02




  Sam updated 3-25-99 (asymptomatic)

Sam's scope pictures (thanks to Sam's Mom!)

People off medication and asymptomatic:

Name                                       Start Date Illness                Asymptomatic Since                       Treatments Used (c-diff)


appx. 7-13-98

**has recurred after 50 days...

Flagyl,Vancocin,Questron,acidophilus,bifidus,garlic, "pulse dosing". (length of illness = 6 months++)


appx. 12-10-98

appx. 1-13-99

Flagyl (length of illness = over 1 month)
Tracy appx. 3-97 last date 11-98 Flagyl, Vancomycin, Keflex, acidophilus, "pulse dosing".(illness recurred after first asymptomatic period. no official length specified)
Sam appx.  -98 appx. 10-98 Vancomycin, Primadophilus (length of illness=not specified)
Carol 1-6-99 1-13-99 Flagyl, yogurt (length of illness = appx 1 week)
Cat 1-98 2-98 Vancocin - 10 days (length of illness = appx. 2 mo.)
Lori 4- 98 1-99 **recurred 10-99, after a visit to Mexico Flagyl, Vancomycin, Rifampin, acidophilus, various supplements recommended by Naturopathic Doctor.  (length of illness =10mo.)
Erik 2-1-99 2-15-99 Flagyl, modified diet, acidophilus (length of illness=appx. 2 weeks.)
Ellen 9-98 3-11-99 Flagyl, Vancomycin, Norwegian human feces treatment (length of illness=appx. 7 months.)
Lisa early -95 & 2-99 -96 & 3-99 Flagyl, yogurt, modified diet (total length of illness episodes=appx. 1 year and 1 month.)
Judy summer-97 & 7-98 summer-97 & 1-99 Metronidazole, vancomycin, dicyclomine, colestid, modified diet (total length of illness episodes=appx. 8 months.)

 If you are one of those listed above, please place it on the bulletin board so we will have immediate updates.


If you, or someone you know has clostridium difficile -  see a medical doctor for treatment.  PLEASE do not e-mail us asking for treatment advice or suggestions.  We cannot give advice or suggestions due to liability issues that are rampant in the U.S.   Everything we know about c-diff is on this web site.  PLEASE view all pages AND read the case histories to find your answers.  You will find that the case histories provide the most information, personal experiences and expectations that you will need or be able to find anywhere on the internet. 

You must ask a doctor about treatment and prognosis.  The site is ran by volunteers who have researched and placed the information on the web site.  We are NOT medical doctors and cannot provide advice or treatment suggestions. 

All case histories posted here and on our bulletin board become the copyrighted property of the Clostridium Difficile Support Group Site.  Copyright 1998-2002, Clostridium Difficile Foundation.  No information or content on the site or bulletin board may be reproduced without permission.


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