Carol's Case History


Hello, My name is Carol and I am 33 and I live in San Francisco, CA.  I was diagnosed with C-dif on 1/6/99 after a month and a half of substantial pain on the upper right side of my abdomen, constant diarrhea and extreme fatigue.  I had never felt so weak in my life. My temp was running below normal and my blood pressure remained at 80/60  I gave 5 blood and stool samples over a 2 week time, until they finally found out what was wrong with me. 

My health prior to this was normally healthy and never had a serious illness.  I had not been in the hospital or taking any antibiotics, thus my primary physician cannot begin to tell me how or where I may have gotten it.  I was prescribed Flagyl and while on that medication I felt even sicker, though the diarrhea had subsided.  The nausea and fatigue were out of this world.  I went back into the physicians office after 7 days of being on Flagyl and she took me off it because my liver function tests were a bit high.  After getting off the medication  on 1/13/99 it was surprising how I felt better in the next two days.  I have been symptom free for almost 4 weeks now and have finally returned to my everyday routine; work, exercise and eating regularly. Though I am eating a lot of organic yogurt.

I feel for all those out there who are battling this critter.  Don't let it get the best of you and hang in there.



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