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I am a 49-year old Norwegian woman who has been diabetic for about 40 years, and transplanted with kidney and pancreas in 1986, then one more pancreas in 1989. The kidney goes very well, the pancreases both stopped after 6 months.

In September last year I got antibiotics for a very red and swelled foot. The doctor thought it was a bad inflammation and prescribed some antibiotics. I got two sorts of antibiotics, first Abboticin which does not go well together with Cyclosporin (that I have to take because of my transplanted organs). Abboticin was after 3 days replaced by Dyclocil (in 7 days, until they found out that my foot was broken and not infected at all!).

Since then I had great trouble with my stomach. After 5 weeks I one day got high fever with pain, and then the local hospital was next stop. The Clostridium difficile toxin was found, and I also had got what they called Clostridium Colitt. I was put on Flagyl, the fever went down and I was sent home.

But my stomach trouble was still there. I had to visit the toilet up to 30 times a day/night. I had to stop working, stop going outside home and stop seeing friends. I felt completely unsafe and isolated because of my fluent stomach and bad smell.
I was put on one more cure with Flagyl, but it did not help. Before Christmas I got my first cure with Vancomycin, but in vain. Then another Vancomycin cure with double length.

- No result. Clostridium Difficile toxin was still there.

My regular doctor (specialist in diabetic/kidney) works at the Norwegian University hospital (Rikshospitalet) in Oslo (capitol of Norway). There they also have specialists of colon problems. I met Dr. med. Arvid Bjoerneklett, who is a specialist in Clostridium Difficile problems.

This was after 6 months with C-diff. I felt so weak that I could hardly stand on my feet. I got a place at the hospital and a lot of samples were taken. Colonoscopy showed no colitt by then. Everything except the bacteria culture seemed to be all right. The normal bacteria culture in the colon consists of 400 - 500 different bacteria types, and in my case they were all completely wiped out. I was told that in these cases there is no use to kill the Clostridium Difficile with Flagyl or Vancomycin because there is no "good bacterias" to rebuild the normal culture. The Clostridium will reappear immediately after the end of treatment because of the spores that are present both inside and outside the body.

The doctor meant I should try what they called "the natural treatment"; - to take natural fresh bacteria from another person and put it direct into my colon. This is a method that has been used here in Norway since 1958 with great success, more than 90% of the patients are immediately and permanently cured. (I thought of dogs eating feces from other dogs. May be they need it, who knows?)

When analyzing bacteria cultures from different people living in the same household, it shows that they have almost identical bacteria cultures.

So, feces was taken from my husband and, after a little preparing, put into my colon with clyster.  After 12 hours I already felt better. After 2 days a lot better and after 4 days quite healthy but still very tired. I was sent home to recover. My stomach worked normal. I could go out, see friends, and it felt like a new life had begun.

The last 3-4 months I also had pain in my hands, arms and shoulders. After 3-4 days it was almost gone. Do I need to say I am grateful to Dr. Bjoerneklett?

I found published on Internet information written by Dr. Bjoerneklett at the address: www.legeforeningen.no/tsweb/199807/leder4.html

This is a publication from "Tidsskrift for Den norske laegeforening 1998". Here Dr. Bjoerneklett explains the theory, why and how. Have it translated and show your doctor! GOOD LUCK!!!  My "New Life" is still very new. Today it is 12 days since the treatment. The diarrhea is still gone and I feel stronger every day.

This is written by Ellen Hauknes with permission from Dr. Bjoerneklett. You may contact me at the email address:



Updated:  11/30/99



I would like to inform you about the development of my health condition since last time. After the treatment with human feces the12.th of mars 99 I have been totally asymptomatic! As I mentioned earlier the symptoms vanished almost immediately. My stomach has been very well functioning ever after.

However my general health and immune system had become so weak that I had caught a Cytomegalo-virus (CMV) infection. This is a very disgusting illness too. I was cured from this CMV-infection with Cymvene and now, after four months, I am slowly recovering.


Im convinced that the human feces method is very effective. It is simple and does not cost a lot of money. After receiving many emails, mostly from USA, I understand that this method is not practised there. I cannot understand why, and I am starting to believe that the medical industry is so interested in selling their Flagyl and Vancomycin that they have convinced the doctors that this is the only way to treat it. Ive also learned that there is very little research about the "natural method" (of course, it is not profitable).

Any way, Im happy to be back in life after this terrible year.




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