Ruthann's Case History

Symptom free since appx. mid-January

Updated on 1-31-99 at the bottom of page

I am a 38 year old female from Upstate New York who is presently diagnosed with c. diff.

What began as what I thought as a "stomach bug" turned into this. On December 10, 1998 I awoke with abdominal cramping and diarrhea which last for approximately an hour and a half. Once through my system, I was able to sleep for a short while and then began passing blood along with the diarrhea. Again, the abdominal cramping continued.

Immediately I arranged a doctor appointment and they did blood work as well as stool samples. The only test that came back positive was for c. diff. However, I had not been on any antibiotics in almost 2 years. They suspected that possibly I contracted it from my 2 year old since 2 weeks prior to my symptoms he had had diarrhea and soft, foul smelling BMs. Plus he had been on an antibiotic in early October.

However, his stool sample came back negative. I do work in a school with my office located adjoining the school nurse. While waiting for the stool sample results, I continued with the diarrhea, bleeding stopped, but then developed severe abdominal cramping. Was given Darvon and Librax for that. Once diagnosed with c - difficile, I went on Flagyl(3 times a day). After several days on flagyl and librax, the frequency of diarrhea increased and my local physician sent me to a gastroenterologist for a consultation (12/15/98).

The consultation turned into a sigmoidoscopy which confirmed the c- diff and inflammation in the colon. The specialist increased the flagyl to 4 times a day and I have since improved. They did continue me on an additional 10 days - so I am presently taking medication.

I am somewhat discouraged as to how I contracted this as well as frustration in being able to find more information on it. Thus, I am thrilled about this support group. Would be glad to receive any email questions or helpful info.

Update on 1-31-99

I consider myself one of the lucky ones to have now been approximately 2-3 weeks symptom free. I pray that the c. diff. is gone forever. I empathize with many of you who have stuggled for such long periods of time with this. If any of you ever need to "sound off", never hesitate to email me.

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