Betty's Husband's Case History

My husband is 92 years old.  He picked up c-diff after a prolonged hospital stay and after many antibiotic treatments for aspiration pneumonia.  The first treatment was one week of Flagyl which made him have even worse spells of diarrhea.  When the Flagyl stopped the diarrhea stopped gradually and even ceased for two whole days.  Unfortunately he suffered a small stroke and had to go into a nursing home for physical therapy and guess what? - the diarrhea came back.  Flagyl this time for two weeks.  The diarrhea almost was under control but he tested positive again and now is on Vanco for ten days.  As soon as he received the Vanco the diarrhea increased again.  I am really upset and had counted on Vanco to have no side affects and to take care of the problem.  As he is in a nursing home Medicare is paying for the antibiotic but it is in liquid form and I have neglected to ask the strength.  He gets it every six hours.  He is also taking acidophilus in capsule form.  He has no pain or cramping but right now very watery stools.  I am going to request a consult with a specialist. 
Has anyone had a similar experience with these drugs?  I feel that his age has allot to do with the fact that he has a difficult time tolerating the antibiotics.  He is on tube feed now so we can easily replace the liquid that is lost.



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