Cat's Case History

I am a 52 year old female.  Last Jan. 98, I was having dental pain and had 3 root canals within a 3 week period.  I was given 150mg clindamycin Jan19, 500mg metronidazole Feb4 and 500mg penicillin vk Feb5.  On my own, I started eating real yogurt from the hippie health food store, because I know that yeast usually overgrows with antibotics, I did not know about c-diff.

By Feb 8, I was so sick, I though I was going to die and went to the emergency room with chills, nausea/vomiting, cramps and the painful, awful, frequent bloody diarrea.  The emergency room Dr was very good, and picked c-diff. right away as the cause of my problems. 

He said all the antibiotics were the cause, killing all the good stuff, and diff is left and takes over.  He did a stool sample and called the next day and gave me 250mg vancocin hcl.  for 10 days. I was refered to a gastro, and he redid the stool sample a few weeks later, with no dif found.  He told me about the spore problem, but nothing else.  I have been symptom free for 11 months.

Both my dentist and the endo doctor were concerned enough to call me several times.  BUT I still have dental problems, even after the root canals, and the endo wants to do a procedure called apicoectomy, which is scaring me.  I want to blame somebody, but everybody has bad things happen, so guess it was just my turn. Hope this helps someone else.

Cat M

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