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About the Clostridium Difficile Support Group

First of all, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. One of the best things about visiting our web site is that you will see how many people have the same symptoms and frustrations as you. The authors of this site dealt with c diff as well and decided to do something about it.

This site contains information on the little known illness that affects many people around the world. When we started out, we didn't know anything about web sites. We wanted to help people who have clostridium difficile understand how it is contracted, how people have been treated and see case histories from other people with clostridium difficile. We greatly appreciate the case histories from those of you who submitted them to start this site. A great deal of information has been compiled on c diff to help people see what to expect and how to combat this disease.

Many people contributed to the site and have realized that they are not alone. My wife and I built this website after my wife got c. diff in April of 1998 and could not get rid of the disease - despite over seven courses of medication. It took nearly a year before she was able to get off the medication. She is healthy now - but believes she will always have a sensitive stomach because of it.

We failed to get the kind of answers about treatment we wanted from our regular doctors and we didn't really know what to ask. The fact is that clostridium difficile has no absolute answers or sure-fire cure. We must cope and hope that it goes away with regular treatment or with a variety of methods. That is the best that we can do. I feel the more realistic we are about the dangers - and the more we understand - the better we can cope.

The site has changed hands over the past couple of years, and now happily resides under the ownership of a sympathetic friend who knows more about c-diff than most of us - including most doctors. It is entirely run by volunteers, all of whom have suffered with the illness caused by clostridium difficile, most now recovered. We hope we can be of some comfort and assistance to you.